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On Friday, November 8th, YogaWorks of Westlake Village received a special honor for a service to the communities of Thousand Oaks and Westlake Village. Mike Leonard, manager of YogaWorks, accepted a Certificate of Appreciation from the City of Thousand Oaks, along with gratitude from Colleen Carroll and her Neuro-Therapeutic Yoga Students. The certificate, signed by Mayor Claudia Bill-de la Pena, was a token of gratitude and acknowledgement for the gift of a state of the art studio in which to study and thrive from the gift of yoga.
Ms. Carroll opened the ceremony with the history of how it all came about. “In the summer of 2008, as I was completing Yoga Therapy Rx under the guidance of my teacher Larry Payne, Ph.D, I met Paulette Dwyer, then Managing Director and Linda Martinez, then Director of Corporate Yoga at YWWLV. They encouraged me to speak to a Young Onset Parkinson’s support group in the tearoom of the newly opened studio. Thus began our journey from the Kid Studio to the fabulous Studio 3. As our Sangha grew, we received invaluable support from Neurocommunity.org, founded by Dr. Ronald Ziman and Viviane Tondeur, as well as the APDA (American Parkinson’s Disease Assoc.,) PAN (Parkinson’s Action Network,) and PRO (Parkinson’s Resource Organization.)”

Upon receiving the honor, Mr. Leonard was very moved and grateful for the appreciation.  He spoke about his family’s connection to Parkinson’s, and all present felt truly strengthened by his ongoing commitment.

Dr. Ziman attended the event, as did Dr. Lorne Label from Los Robles hospital. Dr. Label was one of the LMU faculties who, along with Amy Wheeler, Ph.D, shaped Colleen’s commitment to and interest in yoga for neurological conditions. Thanks also goes out to Felicia Marie Tomasko, Editor-In-Chief of LA YOGA Magazine for her attendance and continued support.
Finally, thanks to Fred Samia for the great photos.

In September of 2008, Colleen was invited to speak at the Young Onset Support Group being hosted by then Director of YogaWorks Westlake Village, Paulette Dwyer. Paulette and then Corporate Director, Linda Martinez offered us the Children’s Yoga Studio, then moved us briefly into the storage room before being invited to the beautiful state-of-the-art studio the class now enjoys.

Colleen Carroll is a certified and registered yoga therapist in the Krishnamacarya tradition. Her certifications include the Loyola Marymount Yoga Therapy Rx program and Healing Yoga Foundation 500 hour certification.  As a lifestyle educator and director of the yoga therapy program at Kaiser Permanente Hospital in Woodland Hills, Colleen helps a wide variety of students benefit from the philosophy that yoga must be adapted for the individual’s changing needs. Colleen’s research and observations immediately showed how calming the system with a breath-centered practice can ameliorate and arrest the progression of symptoms greatly improve quality of life.

Colleen began teaching Neuro-Therapeutic Yoga in 2008, and continues to speak and teach those with conditions such as MS, cognitive challenges, Parkinson’s, and stroke.

Her DVD; Neuro-Therapeutic Yoga is scheduled for release in 2014.